The importance of you

Renault has a proud and long history in the automotive industry. Recognised as a highly innovative brand, we are passionate about motorsport and the development opportunities that come from it.

The Renault brand has grown considerably over the past few years, and a huge focus of this sustained growth is investment in our people. The Renault Apprentice Program is a key pillar in this philosophy, as it represents the foundation for technical excellence now and into the future – a key driver for ongoing customer satisfaction.

That’s what makes this program really exciting, because Renault apprentices are actually employed by an authorised Renault dealership. This means you’ll reap the benefits of real world experience with the potential to lead into a long and exciting career.


  • Renault: A program built on our passion – exclusive use of Renault vehicles, the state of the art Renault Academy, literature and tools as well as employment within the Renault dealer network.
  • Rewarding: Full time employment in an authorised Renault dealership means your work will directly impact the satisfaction of actual Renault customers each and every day.
  • Relevant: Learn skills, both within the workplace and off-the-job that are actually relevant for current day technicians. Combined with ongoing development and new Renault product training you’ll be more than prepared for the future.
  • Reputable: Nationally recognised qualifications and Advanced Renault Technician status upon completion help to prepare a pathway for your career ahead

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